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SG haul (Year end holiday trip)

Hello guys,

Sorry i haven't been blogging for 5 months, omg so crazy. Maybe because i'm too lazy for blogging and so many school assignments that make my life so completely busy.  I just came back from my holiday trip which was in Singapore, i stayed there for 5 days. So many stuff i brought from Sephora, Watsons, and Sasa. And i just find out that Etude house's price in Singapore are much cheaper than in Indonesia. Bah, in Indonesia , everything becomes so expensive . T.T

Of course i bought everything with my own money  :( i spent about S $450 for shopping clothes & makeup

Here's what i've got :

Not bad, huh?

Lets take a look :

Etude House

I got these at Wisma Atria. Bought it because of the super cute-looking packaging. >w<

This "I Can Fly" hand cream costs S $10 (way cheaper than indo's)

  "Dear my deep colour" nails in DPK001 (Pick Pink) costs S $5 
Seriously, i went to sephora in every mall. I want to buy Too Faced "Love Sweet Love " collection but it's sold out everywhere. Maybe because it's limited edition for holiday season. :( so I ended up bought the others that have been added in my wishlist long time ago. haha..

Mac Sheen Supreme lipstick in Blossom Culture costs S $29
It has soft orange colour with a  hint of coral
super excited with Taylor Swift Wonderstruck : Echanted fragrance ~ Costs S $78

The colour is so magical.. even with those charms <3

Got this in tin, for  usage in elbow, knee, etc . Costs S $14.40

This tube is more efficient for my chapped lips :s the price is same with the tin one.


 I always go to Sasa if i want to buy some cosmetics or skincare from Japan. They have complete range cosmetics such as  Canmake , Kiss me Heroine, Sana, Hada Labo, and many more.

Strawberry yogurt mask from Sasatinnie. I pick  the wrong mask, i thought it was from Baviphat's :(

This mask is for troubled skin, for minimizes pore and calms redness . Costs S $14 (buy one get one)

Canmake candy wrap lip gloss. It was on sale 20% . Costs S $18.80 ori. S $21

Bison Wakilala bright up essence. for whiten.. armpits :x .Costs S $15

Tweezers for helping me fix fake eye-lashes . Costs S $8


 I bought these at the biggest Watsons in Sg, which was newly opened in Nge Ann City.

Finally got this in "Strawberry Pink". Costs S $18.
I was looking for brown mascara and then i found this. Love in first sight with the lovely packaging. Costs S $21

Holika Holika

I saw the store on Isetan Wisma Atria. My mom didn't let me buy when i asked for her permission to have these products because i already have too much makeup. But now, i have chance for it ! yeahh

Dessert Time lip balm in pink. (cupcake ) Costs S $10  .aahhh so cute

Miracle real skin finish for combination/oily skin. Multi cream with spf and correcting skin-tone. Costs S $22
They gave me free samples from the same line in case i run out of the product.

another free samples. Maybe this one is suitable for dry skin.
Free blush. I think this is suppose to use together with one of mineral aura product (?)

Thats all the things that i brought from Singapore. Costs a lot of money. lol . I will review it one by one if i have "free" time. Next review products will be Tonymoly 7 princess fruit gloss. XD wait for it lah ~

Thanks for reading~



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