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REVIEW : THE BODY SHOP Chocomania Lip Butter

Hello Guys,

Chocolate is very useful for our health.Chocolate is not only a sweet delicacy, but a natural beauty solution for various skin problems. In fact, it has become the latest craze in the beauty industry. Chocolate soften and nourishes skin aslo reduces wrinkles.

Few  beauty shops have been used chocolate into the main ingredient of their products, one of which The Body Shop. They have launched their chocolate products a month ago and its called "CHOCOMANIA". Range of products they are comprised of body butter, body scrub, body lotion, shower cream, and lip butter and the newest product is beautfying oil.

Today i'm gonna review the lip butter. I've tried their papaya butter lip, the result is quite good so I'm interested to try chocomania lip butter too.

Here's my review product : 

Chocomania lip butter between my favourite chocolates..

nom nom nom

as usual lip butter gives sheer colour


 Pros :
- Mosturizes very well
- Gives healthy sheer colour
- Smells like chocolate and hazelnut at the same time
- Long lasts

- Inefficient with the using clean fingers to apply it
- Dries fast i must reapply it every 3 hours
- Lil bit pricey

Rating : 3.5/5
Overall its a good lip butter for who has dry and chapped lips . Chocolate is the igredient that rich of mosturizing. The smell like in heaven if you are chocomania. hahaha
Would you repurchase it? No, i'll buy another lip butter with different flavors.

See you next time in another review ! ^^

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