Senin, 25 Juni 2012

REVIEW : THE BODY SHOP Chocomania Lip Butter

Hello Guys,

Chocolate is very useful for our health.Chocolate is not only a sweet delicacy, but a natural beauty solution for various skin problems. In fact, it has become the latest craze in the beauty industry. Chocolate soften and nourishes skin aslo reduces wrinkles.

Few  beauty shops have been used chocolate into the main ingredient of their products, one of which The Body Shop. They have launched their chocolate products a month ago and its called "CHOCOMANIA". Range of products they are comprised of body butter, body scrub, body lotion, shower cream, and lip butter and the newest product is beautfying oil.

Today i'm gonna review the lip butter. I've tried their papaya butter lip, the result is quite good so I'm interested to try chocomania lip butter too.

Here's my review product : 

Chocomania lip butter between my favourite chocolates..

nom nom nom

as usual lip butter gives sheer colour


 Pros :
- Mosturizes very well
- Gives healthy sheer colour
- Smells like chocolate and hazelnut at the same time
- Long lasts

- Inefficient with the using clean fingers to apply it
- Dries fast i must reapply it every 3 hours
- Lil bit pricey

Rating : 3.5/5
Overall its a good lip butter for who has dry and chapped lips . Chocolate is the igredient that rich of mosturizing. The smell like in heaven if you are chocomania. hahaha
Would you repurchase it? No, i'll buy another lip butter with different flavors.

See you next time in another review ! ^^

Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

REVIEW : Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Hello guys, 

I know it's summer again. The hot air  make the pores on my face increased especially around my nose. ><''

Luckily yesterday I bought Innisfree Pore Clay Mask in travel size for Rp.65.000,- or $ 7 . I think its quite enough for 5 - 6 times usage. 

The pore ​​clay mask  contains clay clusters from Jeju Volcanic Island, Green Tea extracts and Mineral Water. This series especially targets clogged / oily / troubled skins as the volcanic clusters work effectively to deep cleanse and unclogs pore over regular use and improve and refines skin texture.

with Yoona as the ambassador <3

I have seen the reviews on some people's blogs and many of them are happy with the result of these mask so i bought it ^^. This product is one of the best seller products in Innisfree.

The ingredients : 

GMO / Mineral Oil / Chemical / Alcohol / Triclosan / Benzophenone & Paraben Free.
【Jeju Volcanic Cluster】has stronger sebum-adsorbing ability than red clay or mud. It removes trouble-causing impurities in pores for cleaner skin. 

How to use it : 

After wash your face with foam cleanser or cleanse your face with toner, apply clay mask over entire face (avoiding eyes & mouth) especially paying attention to blemished areas. Wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. Use 1-2 times a week. The best result can be seen after followed by night cream.

Here's my review products : 

the packing comes with 100% recycle material

english, please? X(

so small .. hehe (30 ml )

the mask kinda greyish

heres come my face X( so messy..



Pros :
- dries really fast
- it removes my pores but not all ( maybe if i use this for the next 3 week  , the result will be optimal.)
- after wash ,my face feels smooth 
- my face become a lil bit brighter.

Cons :
- the texture kinda hard to blend. 

Rating : 4.5/5
Overall i love this mask even though its not really easy to blend , but this mask improves a lot . My face is brighter than before,  my skin is smoother, and some pores are gone.
Would you repurchase it?  Yes, i would buy it soon after this one is out.

see you next time in another review ~ 

Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

DIY STEPS: How to Make Galaxy Gradation Nails

Hello Guys,

I know galaxy print has been popular since last year, it has been used for many designer clothes , and absolutely for nails too.

Beautiful , isnt it?
 Now i have made my galaxy gradation nails done.

sorry for the blurry X(

Okay. now lets make it with 6 easy steps !

From left to right :

1. Aply base coat.
    I used base coat from The Face Shop.
2. Apply light purple.
    I used used light purple from one of 3 tiny bottles in Etude house juicy cocktail gradation nails. i have
    applied 2 coats.
3. Apply dark purple
    I used dark purple from The Face shop :  Face It.
4. Apply glittery dark blue
    I used Etude House dear darling nail.
5. Apply glitter top coat
    I used Etude house dear darling nails.
6. Apply top coat
    I used Etude house dear darling nail.

Voila ! We're done ~

This nails are the best gradation i've ever made.. :) hope you glad with this tutorial XD

Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

REVIEW : Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails

Hello guys,

In this lovely-dovey day,  i want to do a review something. I have just bought Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails from Zatura Shop . It costs Rp. 65.000,00 or $7.2 twice cheaper than in retail store. XD

Etude house Juicy Coctail Gradation Nails available in 6 colors :

So colorful , right ? like any juicy cocktail syrup.. hehehe. Each pack has 3 gradation tiny nail polish. I fall in love with the box <3

Heres my review product :

Wuuuu love purple <3

Direction how to use it for the gradation *no idea* all in Korean languange
Love the sparkling glitters
3 tiny nail polish bottles ^^
The light purple one

I have applied 2 coats for each colour

The medium purple one

The dark purple (love this one , beacause it has small blue sparkles)

yeay ! all in one XD

Pros :
- Tiny cute nail polish
- Beautiful colors
- Long last
- Love the glitters :))
- Easy to carry

Cons :
None of it i can think about. maybe i just hope they smell like the real fruity cocktai.

Rating : 5/5
Would you repurchase it ? YES, maybe i'll pick orange and turquoise.

See u next time in another review ! ^^

Kamis, 26 April 2012

REVIEW : Lioele Princess Mirror

Hello Guys,

Lioele is a Korean cosmetic brand established in 2006, which  targets to youth in marketing its products, its signature style is princess style , the color is pink, and illustrated Cinderella-style carriage ^. ^

Well, i bought this at online shop , with price around $12 .  There are 2 colours for this mirror, which are  baby pink dan rose pink. As you can see from the picture, baby pink is warm and pastel colour, but rose pink is hot colour. :p
Its kindly hard to choose which one is more fabulous , the rose one or the baby one. When i ask the spg , she said that the rose one is more chosen by many people. Finally , i decided to choose the rose pink ^,^ .

So , here's the review pictures of my Lioele Rose Pink Princess Mirror :

Came with cute little box.. <3

Artistic pictures.. hahahaa


Dont mind my handphone,  ==''
Look at the size,, so tiny ^^
Very love the design , and the engraving is so so beautiful

Really love the sparkling rose in the mirror

 Pros ;
- Easy to carry (Handy mirror)
- Cute package
- Cute colours for girly girl ^^
- Creative engraving , especially for the silver rose in the mirror
- Cheap price :D

Cons :
- The mirror is lil bit heavier than i thought..

Rating : 4.5/5
Verry recomendded for those who like to travels . I like the design very much , the mirror's shell remind me of Ariel >w<'' .. haha.
Would you repurchase it ? Maybe no,, one mirror is just enough for me.

So guys, see you in another products review !