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REVIEW : Etude House " I can fly " Hand Cream

Hey guys,

Today i wanna share you a little review about the newest hand cream by Etude House . It's from "I Can Fly" range. Actually it consists of hand cream and lip balm. The theme for this range is 5 birds believe that someday they will fly from their nest (?)

The hand creams ~

The lip balms. kinda similiar to EOS's ,huh ?

You know i can't resist for cute things! I want to buy both of them but i already have too much lip balms. So bought the hand cream at the end.

The hand creams consist of 5 cute different birds with different fragrance of course.

I picked Kakapo bird with apple fragrance because it smells more lovely than the others.. .It costs me about $8.7 or Rp. 80.000 rupiah. I bought this while i was having a vacation in Sg.

"Formulated with Shea Butter and Herb Water in certified organic nutrients, this eco-friendly  hand cream not only moisturizes  dry hands , but also helps to save our endangered flying friends."

Here's my review pictures : 

The box is 100% made from recycled paper
aww ..
i know you can fly buddy !
~Sunny Sunny Apple ~
Hi~ I am Kakapo !
Finally this little birdie is out from the cage ~
Cute details
even also add the fur... lol

feel bad about your head.. :(

its not sticky fyi

glides easily on my hand .. and also smells so yum yum

Pros : 
- Cute Packaging
- Handy
- Smells so nice..
- Moisturizes well

Cons : 
- Pricey for 30 ml size
- The fragrance doesnt last long

Rating :  3.5/5
Would you repurchase it ?  No, i will try another hand cream but not from this range..

Overall this is a simple and cute hand cream though. The smells is so yummy even i want to lick my hand after i use it . hahaha.. the fragrance isn't too strong , maybe because of that this one doesnt last long. This also easy to put in your bag  if you need to moisturize your hand when you need it everytime you go. I'm never dissapointed with Etude House  .. :)

See you next time in another review !


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