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REVIEW : Tony Moly Fruit Princess Gloss

Hello guys,

Finally i have a chance to review this cutie princess gloss. I got this from Tony Moly retail store, which is in Mall Taman Anggrek. Yeah Tony Moly's products always interesting especially it's packaging  XD. It costs IDR Rp. 90.000,- / $10 :D .

Tony Moly Fruit Princess gloss has 7 colours to choose. All those faces really cute.. >,<  feels like want to buy all of them. hahaha  .I chose Pomegrenate Princess, the salesgirl told me that it was the best seller colour amongst all.

wohoo.. I'm pomegrenate princess, nice to meet you ~

 " Shows a shiny fruit coating & plump lips. Soft application with no stickiness. Sweet and fruity scent."

How to use : 

Apply lip gloss directly to lips. 

Here's my review pictures  :


my head.. :O

seems this human take my bloody without my permission.. T.T

Alright , my blood's colour is like coral orange with soft glitters :D

under light (before)
under light (after)
with flash(before)
without flash (after)

Before (without flash) - random light(?)
After (without flash)

 What it claims: 

"Clear fruit coating and glamorous lips"
"Jelly textures and high-glossy polymer complete clean and transparent lip-makeup!"
~ Okay it does plump my lips. My lips become bigger, bolder ,better (?) , it has sheer colour. The glitters are unvisible on my lips. The smells like peach fruit..

"No sticking and soft texture"
"Shea butter, vitamin A,C,E, derivatives and Rose-hip oil moisturizes lips and supply nutrients at once. "
~  The lip gloss moisturizes my lips very well. It also long-lasting. But i must correct "no sticking" words because it has a lil bit sticky feeling . But more stickiness you have,  more long-lasting you get.

"Cute and fun case"
"Cute case like fruits of 2 inches size."
~ Of course! no need to explain lah.. obviously cute packaging.probably cutest  packaging i have for lipglosses.

Pros : 

- Cute packaging
- long-lasting, about 3-4 hours (without eat, drink)
- Plumps my lips
- Handy
- Easy to apply because of the straight wand

Cons : 

- Too sheer
- Kinda pricey for 7g lipgloss

Rating :  4/5
Would you repurchase it ? Probably, maybe i will get Mangosteen Princess.(pink)

Overall , this lipgloss suitable for those who wants a sexier lips with the plumper function. After I eat/drink, the colors is lessen but the glitters are still in my lips. This lipgloss is one of best seller products in Tony Moly. If you like to collect cute things like me , you must have this lipgloss !

See you next time in another review !



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