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REVIEW : Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Hello guys, 

I know it's summer again. The hot air  make the pores on my face increased especially around my nose. ><''

Luckily yesterday I bought Innisfree Pore Clay Mask in travel size for Rp.65.000,- or $ 7 . I think its quite enough for 5 - 6 times usage. 

The pore ​​clay mask  contains clay clusters from Jeju Volcanic Island, Green Tea extracts and Mineral Water. This series especially targets clogged / oily / troubled skins as the volcanic clusters work effectively to deep cleanse and unclogs pore over regular use and improve and refines skin texture.

with Yoona as the ambassador <3

I have seen the reviews on some people's blogs and many of them are happy with the result of these mask so i bought it ^^. This product is one of the best seller products in Innisfree.

The ingredients : 

GMO / Mineral Oil / Chemical / Alcohol / Triclosan / Benzophenone & Paraben Free.
【Jeju Volcanic Cluster】has stronger sebum-adsorbing ability than red clay or mud. It removes trouble-causing impurities in pores for cleaner skin. 

How to use it : 

After wash your face with foam cleanser or cleanse your face with toner, apply clay mask over entire face (avoiding eyes & mouth) especially paying attention to blemished areas. Wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. Use 1-2 times a week. The best result can be seen after followed by night cream.

Here's my review products : 

the packing comes with 100% recycle material

english, please? X(

so small .. hehe (30 ml )

the mask kinda greyish

heres come my face X( so messy..



Pros :
- dries really fast
- it removes my pores but not all ( maybe if i use this for the next 3 week  , the result will be optimal.)
- after wash ,my face feels smooth 
- my face become a lil bit brighter.

Cons :
- the texture kinda hard to blend. 

Rating : 4.5/5
Overall i love this mask even though its not really easy to blend , but this mask improves a lot . My face is brighter than before,  my skin is smoother, and some pores are gone.
Would you repurchase it?  Yes, i would buy it soon after this one is out.

see you next time in another review ~ 

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