Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

DIY STEPS: How to Make Galaxy Gradation Nails

Hello Guys,

I know galaxy print has been popular since last year, it has been used for many designer clothes , and absolutely for nails too.

Beautiful , isnt it?
 Now i have made my galaxy gradation nails done.

sorry for the blurry X(

Okay. now lets make it with 6 easy steps !

From left to right :

1. Aply base coat.
    I used base coat from The Face Shop.
2. Apply light purple.
    I used used light purple from one of 3 tiny bottles in Etude house juicy cocktail gradation nails. i have
    applied 2 coats.
3. Apply dark purple
    I used dark purple from The Face shop :  Face It.
4. Apply glittery dark blue
    I used Etude House dear darling nail.
5. Apply glitter top coat
    I used Etude house dear darling nails.
6. Apply top coat
    I used Etude house dear darling nail.

Voila ! We're done ~

This nails are the best gradation i've ever made.. :) hope you glad with this tutorial XD

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