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REVIEW : Lioele Princess Mirror

Hello Guys,

Lioele is a Korean cosmetic brand established in 2006, which  targets to youth in marketing its products, its signature style is princess style , the color is pink, and illustrated Cinderella-style carriage ^. ^

Well, i bought this at online shop , with price around $12 .  There are 2 colours for this mirror, which are  baby pink dan rose pink. As you can see from the picture, baby pink is warm and pastel colour, but rose pink is hot colour. :p
Its kindly hard to choose which one is more fabulous , the rose one or the baby one. When i ask the spg , she said that the rose one is more chosen by many people. Finally , i decided to choose the rose pink ^,^ .

So , here's the review pictures of my Lioele Rose Pink Princess Mirror :

Came with cute little box.. <3

Artistic pictures.. hahahaa


Dont mind my handphone,  ==''
Look at the size,, so tiny ^^
Very love the design , and the engraving is so so beautiful

Really love the sparkling rose in the mirror

 Pros ;
- Easy to carry (Handy mirror)
- Cute package
- Cute colours for girly girl ^^
- Creative engraving , especially for the silver rose in the mirror
- Cheap price :D

Cons :
- The mirror is lil bit heavier than i thought..

Rating : 4.5/5
Verry recomendded for those who like to travels . I like the design very much , the mirror's shell remind me of Ariel >w<'' .. haha.
Would you repurchase it ? Maybe no,, one mirror is just enough for me.

So guys, see you in another products review !

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