Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013


Hello again ~

Today i want to make this quick review before i study for my 2 last exams. As you know, Victoria Secret has opened their first store in Indonesia at Plaza Senayan few months ago. I was given one of their Eau de Toilette from my friend as my 17th birthday. Last year, i bought the body lotion in Love Spell. The sales lady mentioned it was the best selling fragrance from all. And i love it very much XD Luckily, my friend gave me the same fragrance >.<  Thanks my dear !

The scent  is combination of cherry blossom and peach, that's what they say in the box. I don't like vanilla scented things or things that smell too sweet , and this has neither of those so i love it . The scent is not too powerful and great for summer. The lasting power is ok , it fade away after few hours. I always bring this everywhere since the size is 30 ml.

Review pictures

Overall i love this scent, so i will repurchase once this one is empty.

And you know what ? Victoria Secret has just released Love Spell as an Eau de Perfume ! I knew this from The Muse  

Victorias Secret Love Spell Perfume
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means cute packaging , double bigger and double last !

YEAH CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE RELEASED IN INDONESIA SOON ! <3 (sorry for the extreme caps lock, i'm just too excited ! >,<).

See you next time in another review ~


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  1. omg i love it too ! i've been wearing that scent since i was in high school :D

  2. Punyaku jg uda mau abisss.........
    Oww... Smoga eau de perfumenya masuk di Indo......... >.<
    CAN'T WAIT...!


  3. wkwkwk diaminkan.... O:)