Minggu, 30 Juni 2013

REVIEW : ETUDE HOUSE Look at My Lips Lipsticks

Hello Guys !

I just got back from getting sleepover at my cousin's house yesterday. As my apology for not blogging for a while , today i want to make a 3 posts in a row !

First post is about Etude House with Look At My Lips series. I know most of people  have  known about this lipstick. But recently i've been wearing this 2 lipsticks a lot and i'm quite love it so i decided to review these.

I got the lipsticks in #2 Runway Coral Orange and #3 Celeb Pop Pink. The normal price is IDR 100.000,-/ $10 (counter price). Luckily, there was promotion  few months ago where you can buy 3 products just  for IDR. 180.000,- / $18 so each product worth IDR 60.0000,- / $6 (Look At My lips lipstick, Look at My Eyes Eyeshadow, Juicy Pop Tube, Magic Tint Balm, Bee Happy Lip Balm) . I chose 2 lipsticks from Look at My lips and 1 eyeshadow from Look at My eyes (review coming soon!).

The packaging is so-so, nothing special from it. It's just a pink metallic tube covered with hard plastic case. The cap unfortunately is always open itself especially the #3 one.

The pigmentation is great. #2 is orange colour with a hint of coral. (okay this is the .....th i mention about coral lipstick. dont hate me will you ) i love this , it really suits  with my yellow skin tone. The shade is also wearable . #3 is a gorgeous pinkish-red colour. The colour is very bold, so if you want to achieve natural look, you can use the lipstick in the middle of your lips then spread the colour with your fingers.

The lipstick glides smoothly on my lips. The texture is creamy. The formula is a bit drying, so i put lipbalm first before apply the lipstick. Staying power is not bad. But you have to reapply after drink/eat.

Review Pictures :



Pros :
Pigmentation great
So many colors to choose
Glides easily on lips 

Cons :
Have to reapply after eat/drink
The formula is a bit drying 

Rating : 3.5/5
Would you repurchase? Nope , i will buy another lipsticks..
Overall , i wouldnt reccomend to those who have chapped dry lips. What i love from these lipsticks are the  pigmentation. They. It has a matte finish but not drying at all.

see you next time in another review !


5 komentar:

  1. kebayang kering gitu ya di bibir >.<

    1. iyaa ni X'( pling ditimpa ama lipgloss aja sih kl pke ni lipstick ..

  2. OMG THESEEE I have like 8 of these, bought them when they were new in and was 28k each lol. Only liked 2 colours from this collection which is no 9 and 10.

    Amazing how you manage to take good pictures and make them look like they perform good when they're actually awful -_- Weird mod-ish shade and difficult-to-work-with cream matte finishes that accentuates every bt of my dry lips =___=

    1. maybe efek kamera nya kli ya -,- iya sayang pertama2 si bgus moisturizing gitu tp after few hours jd rada kering di bibir pdhl warnanya lumayan wkwkwk

  3. Wow, these look REALLY good! Unfortunately I have really dry, gross lips all the time so... this isn't for me. T__T Thank you for the honest review! <3

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