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REVIEW : SKIN79 All Day Sun Powder

Hoola !

I've passed this week by taking final exams , and 2 more days before freedom ! After that , i will post more than this.

 I can't leave a foundation/bb cream stay alone on my face without setting it with my powder. I have such bad oily skin,very very oily like i put a cooking oil into my face. I was looking for a good loose powder in online shop, and i found SKIN79 All Day Sun powder. The owner of the online shop said that this was best for daily wear with average spf and mattifies your oily skin. Especially this powder comes with a glam packaging and contains diamond particles to make your skin bright  ! So, why not ? It's ready stock, so i decided to buy it for IDR 150.000 rupiah/ $15.

Seriously , I think SKIN79 all day sun powder win for the best powder packaging !

Anyway , when i swatched it in my hand, there are some tiny shimmer particles on it. But don't worry it won't showed at all on your face. The powder is very lightweight, like most loose powder are. It comes with only one shade. The powder is very light at first, but it will blend naturally . I think those who have dark skin tone even the medium one might not suitable wearing this though the powder is slightly translucent.

What i like from this powder is it really gives my skin very smooth,bright and matte finish. Oh and i also like the light smell , which kind of floral-ish. The coverage is fine (medium) as  i dont have too much spots on my face lol.

The puff is inside of the cap, so you have to twist the cap first (the cap and the puff stick together btw). The puff is good but i prefer using brush to apply it on my face since the puff's shape is round not flat. But the good thing is  you can take the puff out and clean it as much as you want.

Since it's a sun powder, it has SPF 30 which is a huge plus from this powder. The powder contains 13 g , which is quite a lot.

Unfortunately , this powder doesn't stay long , my face became oily again after 2-3 hours. Maybe it's a different case if you have dry skin. So i'm going to use it as finishing powder.

Review pictures :

Pros :
- lightweight
- gives my skin bright
- Mattifies my oily skin (for a while)
- Has a good fragrance
- Makes my skin smooth
- Doesn't clog my pores
- Has SPF 30
- Elegant packaging

Cons :
- Doesn't last long (2-3 hours)
- too light for mid-dark skin tone.
- The price might be a little bit pricey for someone else

Rating : 4.5/5
Would you repurchase ? i dont think so , maybe i will find another powder with a good staying power..
Overall , this powder is better than i expected. This is a good mattifying loose powder for everyday, but since i have an extreme oily skin and it doesn't do too much about the oil control, i use it as a finishing powder. I feel not wearing anything because the texture is light :)

See you next time in another review !


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