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REVIEW : Missha Melting Sugar Lip Scrub

Hoola ~

Today i want to review Missha's sugar lip scrub. I bought this from Zatura when they held a bazaar in Pluit few months ago. They said this product was best seller and they sold it for IDR. 50.000,- so why not , my lip is suffering now because i put too much 'product' on it.

From the website :
Use the Melting Sugar Lip Scrub for a complete lip care.
The Conditioning Complex in the Scrub contains oils and butter that help retain moisture in lips and give a smooth finish. The natural sugar particles are of various sizes to better reach in between the fine lines and wrinkles in your lips. 

Ingredients ;
Natural Sugar 40%
Conditioning Complex (Mango Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Olive Oil)

I love this scrub, it isn't too sticky  .The sugar provides the exfoliating, while the oil and butter hold everything together while providing moisture and nourishment to your lips.The jar is too small, but you only need a small dab from your finger. But it doesn't matter to me , because this lip scrub works really well on me. When i put the scrub on my lips and rubbed it, the sugar particles immediately melt and leave my lips so smooth , no more dead skin cells on lips either. After i finish with the scrubbing, i apply my favourite lip balm to maximize the result. And of  course since this is a lip scrub, the consistency is kinda thick because of the sugar particles.

How to use it :
Apply appropriate amount onto lips and gently massage with fingertips. When sugar particles melt and lips feel softer, wipe off with tissue.


you can see that this product hold about 9 g size

A plastic seal sits between the screw-cap top and the scrub for maximum insulation.

dry and chapped lips..

put the lip scrub ..
rub until it melts ...

voila ! soft and smooth skin
apply lip balm after scrub for maximum result


Makes my lips smooth and moisturized
Classy packaging
Inexpensive price
Melts quickly
Remove dead skin
Colorants-free, Parabenes-free and Alcohol-free formula

Too small
Leaves a lil bit sticky feeling

Rating  : 4/5
Will you repurchase ? no, after this i want to try another lipscrub from Lush.

Overall , i'm really pleased with this lip scrub. It does everything it says, like smoothes,moisturizes, and removes dead skin cells. The price is also affordable too, so this is a perfect lip scrub for those girls who are too lazy too make their own lip scrub recipe at home.

See you next time in another review !


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