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REVIEW : CroQuis Swing Styler Makeup Set

Hi guys ,

Long time no blog. Today i'm going to review one of CroQuis products, which is The Swing Styler Makeup Set in 01. I haven't heard this brand before, but again its a Korean brand. I was given this from my friends due to my 17th birthday. Thanks guys ! ;p

This makeup set comes with a mirror and contains four storeys . First is four neutral eyeshadows for everyday makeup, second is a bronzer and a  highlighter, third is coral and pink blush, and the fourth is peachy coral and  glittery pink lipgloss. Sounds complete, right ?

However i can't find details about the product, you may ask my friends where they find this product :p


It take 3 swipes to swatched  in my hand. I think the colors are quite sheer , and they have little bit shimmer on it. But i tend to find that the second top and second bottom have more shimmer than the other two. So if you want to create a night look for the parties , etc you can use them. I love the colors,  they are very easy to use and match with the outfit you wear.


The bronzer is really fair and not fit for my yellow-skin tone, and it has a shimmer on it. So i will use it as a highlighter for my cheek. The highlighter is okay, its perfect for shading my nose.


I loveee the colours ,very suitable for spring and summer look ! The peach blush is shimmery but the glitters won't look visible on your face. And then the pink one will add you a cute doll-looking when you use it.
But then again the colors are medium-sheer , but its fine to me since i like natural makeup so I dont wear too much blush. haha


The colours look pigmented in palette, but actually it looks sheer when i swipe.  I dont really like use the lipgloss  in a palette though since it isnt convenient using finger or brush.

Review Pictures  :

CROQUIS Swing Styler Touch by LeeKyungmin
some korean words i don't understand .. X.X

pretty cool, huh ?




Pros  :
Complete set of makeup
Neutral colours
Easy to carried everywhere
Has a mirror inside to make the application even easier

Cons :
No brushes included
The colors are sheer
The colors are only suit for those who has fair - medium skin

Rating  : 3.5/5
Will you repurchase it ? no, because just this one is enough for me. ^,^

Overall , this is an easy makeup set for beginners. I reccomended it especially the price won't be too as pricey as you buy it seperately. But i won't buy it if i have dark skin because the set is more 'focus' on people with fair-medium skin.

see you next time !


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